Students’ Centered Education :
Learning is Fun, if it student - centered. Student-centered learning allows students to actively participate in discovery learning processes from an autonomous viewpoint. Students consume the entire class time constructing a new understanding of the material being learned without being passive, but rather proactive. A variety of hands-on activities are administered in order to promote successful learning. Unique, yet distinctive learning styles are encouraged in a student-centered classroom. With the use of valuable learning skills, students are capable of achieving life-long learning goals, which can further enhance student motivation in the classroom. Therefore, when students are given the opportunity to gauge their learning, learning becomes an incentive. Because learning can be seen as a form of personal growth, students are encouraged to utilize self-regulation practices in order to reflect on his or her work.
Learner Support :
Regular guidance and counseling is given to the students to come out of their learning problems. Special care is given to each and every student individually, concentrating on their needs. Parents are requested to contact the school office, Principal and their ward’s respective teachers, to track the progress of their children regularly. Parents are also requested to motivate their wards to come out freely with their doubts and get them clarified with the concerned subject teachers.
Learn Through Activity at School :
“The development of a tree depends on where it is planted.” Students learn through activity based learning methodology. Learning by doing will enhance their understanding skill. The students are made to observe, analyse, work into and understand the concept based on the out of their task. Mind boggling activities which make learning more interesting are given to the students. The facilitator - the teacher, helps the student to complete a part of the home assignment given at school, so as to make the students understand and learn how to do the project.

Co Curricular Activities :
Education should aim at bringing out the wholesome personality of the student in all the 360 *. The school helps in this task, providing opportunities for the students to participate in various co-curricular activities. Karate & Judo are taught to the students aiming at making them able to protect themselves in times of need. Arts colour our life. Students are taught music and drawing apart from keyboard. Life should be more challenging. Students are trained at Skating.

Periodical essay, elocution and arts contests are conducted to bring out the latent talent in students. Brain storming Quiz programs make the students more active in learning.
Sports Activities :
Sports is human life in microcosm. Sports bring in the sense of unity and continual attempt till the goal is reached. The school provides opportunities and training for the students to learn, Chess, Athletics, volley ball, Tennis, Kho-Kho, Hand ball, and basket ball, House matches are conducted and winners are honoured.
Honouring the Winners :
Students will be conferred awards of excellence and merit for their outstanding performance in all the activities they participated throughout the year at the School Day Celebration.