About Our School
Saratha Institution is a voluntary  organization which stands as a glorious and outstanding institution in our locality by means of providing sound education on Physical, mental and spiritual sides of all the students.
The School has been started to shine with an unsatiable desire to spread the light of knowledge and to drive away the darkness of ignorance. Students are the worthy citizens of our motherland. Hence to train them, eminent teachers are appointed. The school is serving the needy and deserving students, irrespective of caste, creed and colour. Importance is mainly given to discipline and character formation. Our school offers the peerless education, culture, discipline and good health at less expense.
We are proud that our institution aims not only at imparting knowledge but also at keeping our moral and cultural values up.
The Emblem
The emblem gives the stamp of diginity to the school with an ideal to aim at. The wheel stands for industrial progress, plough for agricultural development and the book stands for education
Agalvilaku symbolizes knowledge and lighting the life of the people. The petals of lotus represent love, knowledge, discipline, bravery and self confidence. The phrase “Wisdom is Power” denotes knowledge with experience. Wisdom is the only power for successful life.